Monthly Monitor–November 2014

Christmas donations in the form of gift cards from Target or Wal-Mart are always helpful since they are so flexible in meeting a special need of a special child. Christmas presents are usually delivered by December 20th, so if you intend to provide a Christmas gift card, please see that we receive the card(s) before that date.

House Parents, a paid position, are needed for the Hosanna Boys’ Ranch to work with children who have graduated from a drug/alcohol rehab program and are preparing to integrate back into their biological home. The house parents should be a married couple (with or without children) who would appreciate living on the 90 acre ranch on Crow Canyon Road, Castro Valley and who would relish the opportunity to minister to the needs of six male children. Interested couples should contact Verne at 510-329-8100.

Parent Project classes begin December 2, 2014 at Neighborhood Church, Castro Valley. Register at You can attend the first class without cost to observe before you determine that you want to enroll. In fact, you can attend a single class at any time to simply observe, provided you obtain the facilitator’s approval in advance. Cost is $150.00 for a single or $250.00 for a couple. Unless your child came into this world with a parenting manual you need to take this class to avoid likely future serious painful and negative consequences! Any questions or need additional information, call Verne at 510-3290-8100.

Bookkeeping Position Available: Hosanna is in need of an accounting person who is familiar with QuickBooks and who would be available probably once per week to keep our accounting records up-t-date. Availability could be on Saturdays.

Foster Parent Orientation/Training will not occur in December 2014, but will resume on January 10th and 17th of 2015. If you or a friend intends to begin the orientation/training, please reply to this email with the name, address, phone number and email address of those who intend to attend. The orientation will be at the Hosanna facility at 9998 Crow Canyon Road, Castro Valley at 9:00 am through 4:00 pm. Sorry, no child care is available.

Sobering Facts:

· Only 45% of Americans ages 15 to 17 are raised by their married, biological parents

· In the U.S., only about 17% of African-American children and 41% of Hispanic children reach age 17 in an intact household.

· More than 41% of U.S. births were to unwed mothers in 2010, compared to 33% a decade earlier.

· Seventy-two percent of U.S. women say they have too much stress in their lives.

· More than half of U.S. moms say they are overcommitted.

· Only 26% of U.S. women say they are extremely satisfied with their lives.

· Average attention span for an individual has dropped from 12 minutes to 5 minutes.

Volunteer Needed: Web maintenance person who would keep our website current and respond to our Face Book and Twitter activity. Knowledge of Microsoft Publisher and Power Point would be helpful.

Rescuing Farm Type Critters (no horses, rabbits, dogs, cats or miniature animals) has been an integral part of our rich heritage at the Hosanna Boys’ Ranch and the Hosanna Girls’ Ranch. Bringing the kids and critters together has been such a natural and mutually beneficial fit. This combination has been remarkable and invaluable for both kids and critters. Sustaining the critters with food, shelter and veterinary care is always a challenge, so we ask our Hosanna friends to please remember these expenses with your tax deductible donations either in money or food. For those in the community who need to find a new home for their critter (pet), we ask them to provide a $20.00 initial fee and then we cover the expenses thereafter. Similarly, if someone is seeking a particular type critter, we ask for a minimum $20.00 re-homing fee. Otherwise, we trust our Hosanna friends to support this very valuable community outreach. Please remember our need for financial support for this very valuable activity.

The Holiday Season is always the more difficult time of year for foster children, since this is normally a special time for family events, but foster children are not home with their families. Hosanna and our foster families work diligently to provide a special holiday season for our foster children. Thanks to the many churches and individuals who provide special funds and gifts so that these children are not forgotten. We could not do what we do without the partnership and prayers of those who support Hosanna. May God bless our efforts for His special children. Happy Thanksgiving!

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