Monthly Monitor–June 2015

Host Homes are still needed for foreign high school aged children from around the world, but particularly from China. This is your family’s opportunity to experience a foreign student who wants to receive an American education at a Christian high school. The foreign student lives with your family for the entire academic year, often attending all four years of high school while living with your family. Most of these children are not Christian and are primarily interested in an American education in preparation for an American college. This is definitely a family outreach ministry to gently introduce a foreign student to Jesus Christ. Your family is paid monthly to provide the room, board, school transportation and parental supervision. Training and clearances are required so you need to immediately make arrangements with Hosanna if you intend to be ready to receive a foreign student this fall.

Paraclete (come-along-side) Family Orientation/Training for Alameda County volunteer families will resume this fall at the Hosanna campus, 9998 Crow Canyon Rd., Castro Valley. This ministry is for those ministry oriented families who are prepared to voluntarily come-along-side a hurting community family/single parent by providing voluntary out-of-home (your home) care to community children. This is a church oriented voluntary effort to support and stabilize community families and prevent child abuse. Pastors should contact Hosanna Pathways to see how your Bay Area congregation can provide this ministry through your church to your community. Hosanna trains, approves, manages and administers the volunteer families and children in the program. Your church gets the recognition and benefits while Hosanna assumes the managerial responsibility. Please reply to this email with the name, address, phone number and email address of those who are interested.

Transitional Living Environment/Hosanna Boys’ Ranch/Hosanna Girls’ Ranch is now receiving teenagers who have graduated from an alcohol/drug rehab program. Our research reveals that there is a great need of private Christian families (or families who now recognize the need for Christ in their family) in crisis with a child dealing with drug/alcohol addiction for a transitional environment after graduation from an institutional drug/alcohol drug rehab program to a functioning family life. Hosanna will work with both the teenager and his/her parent(s) to reunite the family as a more functional Christian family.

Parent Project breaks for the summer and classes will resume this fall. Scheduled classes are always posted at You can attend the first class without cost to observe before you determine that you want to enroll. In fact, you can attend a single class at any time to simply observe, provided you obtain the facilitator’s approval in advance. Cost for the eight week class series is $150.00 for a single or $250.00 for a couple. Unless your child came into this world with a parenting manual, you need to take this class to avoid likely future unnecessary and often serious, painful, costly and negative consequences! Would your church be open to providing a parent skill training series of classes? Any questions or need additional information, call Verne at 510-329-8100.

Foster Parent Orientation/Training will break for the summer months and resume this fall. If you or a friend intends to begin the orientation/training, please reply to this email with the name, address, phone number and email address of those who have an interest in foster parenting. Would your church be willing to sponsor a foster parent training for the benefit of your congregation and your community? Please give us a call and we’ll be most happy to discuss the issue.

Volunteers Needed in each Bay Area city to contact churches to inform pastors and church staff of Hosanna’s community support ministries and to arrange Hosanna Pathways ministry presentations. Presentations are made by Hosanna professional staff. Volunteer hours are flexible and the reward is eternal!!!

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