Monthly Monitor–February 2016

KFAX (1100 ON THE AM RADIO DIAL) Craig Roberts will host Verne Teyler, Hosanna Pathways Executive Director, on Friday, February 11th from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Each year Craig graciously invites Verne into the studio to discuss the Hosanna ministry and talk about contemporary parenting issues. Often a call-in program segment is available for the listening public to comment or ask a question. We urge you to tune-in and participate if the call-in segment is available!!

Hosanna Heroes Ranch is nearly ready to begin receiving pastors and missionaries (and their spouse) who need a short break (maximum one week) and an affordable (donation) bed and breakfast experience. The facility is a 133 acre tranquil cattle ranch, tucked one-half mile into the hills of Crow Canyon, Castro Valley, CA. Whether you want serenity for resting or reading or you want to exercise and hike, this is a most pastoral environment to relax. Contact Judy Teyler, 510-537-8636 for information and reservation.

Parent Project next scheduled class series starts on April 5, 2016 at 3 Crosses Church in Castro Valley, CA. Classes run from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Sorry, no child care is available. No matter the age of your child(ren), this series of classes will provide parents with parenting knowledge and skills that brings peace and harmony into your home and will hopefully help prevent serious child behavioral issues. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!! Register online at You are welcome to monitor any single class before you decide if you want to enroll. Cost is $150.00 for a single parent or $250.00 for a couple.

Redwood 4H will again be using the barn at the Hosanna Boys Ranch and inviting ranch children to participate in animal projects. Both community children and Boys Ranch children benefit from the animals and the opportunity for the children (including their parents) to enrich their personal relationships.

Sanctuary Family (formerly “Paraclete Family”) training is free and occurs the first two Saturdays of each month, although you must preregister for the training. This represents a volunteer community outreach to vulnerable children who are not in the child protective (foster care) system. Single parents or families with very limited resources sometimes desperately need assistance with a child or children due to significant financial, emotional or spiritual trauma. A Sanctuary Family (such as your family) provides short-term emergency relief care by providing child(ren) with a safe and secure home without financial support until the short-term emergency subsides. While the Sanctuary Family does not receive financial support, their personal and family reward is beyond any financial benefit. Hosanna manages and supervises all placements in your home, so you receive professional support without cost.

Foster Care training to become Hosanna certified foster parents also occurs the first two Saturdays of every month. Again you must preregister to attend. Unfortunately, children are coming into child protective custody in greater numbers, so foster homes are seriously needed. We have a specific need for foster homes in the Alamo, Danville, San Ramon and Dublin areas of Contra Costa County. Don’t wait until you have an “empty nest” to consider becoming a foster family! Your child or children and a foster child will equally grow from this experience.

Invitations and presentation at churches and community events are our primary means of introducing and recruiting individuals and families to the ministries of Hosanna. Hosanna exists to support and expand the outreach of faith-based activities. Would your church consider inviting Hosanna to inform parishioners about foster care or provide a Parent Project class series for your church community? Would your church introduce or encourage faith-based homes to become a foster home? Have your pastor or priest call Verne Teyler to discuss how Hosanna can assist your congregation or organization in expanding community outreach and ministry.

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