International Student Housing

Provide your family with an unforgettable MINISTRY experience by sharing your home with a foreign high school student!

Have you ever wanted to share the gospel with a child from another country? We are offering you an opportunity for ministry with our international hosting program. Here is your chance to bring a child into your home and expose a foreign high-school student to the love of Christ while they attend faith based schools in your local area. This is a paid position in ministry and we are looking for faith-oriented homes in your community who want to open their heart and home and host a foreign teenager for an academic year (Aug-June) during high-school. These children are normally very well behaved and highly academically oriented. Would you consider this opportunity today?

Benefits To Hosting:

  • Your family has an opportunity to minister the love of Christ to an un-churched child
  • Monthly stipend
  • It’s a chance to model our American culture to a foreign child
  • Allow your family to experience people from other cultures
  • Utilize more effectively an extra bedroom in your home
  • Watch God work miracles in a foreign students life
  • Walk in God’s plan for your life

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Please call us for more information regarding our international hosting program for high-school aged foreign students.